My Passion for Fashion

My Passion for Fashion

Where it all Started

My passion for fashion started at a very young age. Every Sunday, I would meticulously change the clothes, shoes, and hairstyles of all my Barbies for the upcoming week. My mom still tells the funny story of how I kept a calendar in high school, not just for assignments and due dates, but also to document my daily outfits, including shoes and accessories. I even noted down my hairstyle for the day! ( extra ? of course ! )

What sparked the interest in fashion?

Fast forward to college, I found myself interested in a multitude of subjects, making it difficult to choose a career path. Eventually, I followed my heart and pursued studies in retail marketing and fashion merchandising. This felt natural and exciting, leading me to explore the world of fashion in a more structured way.

How did the journey unfold?

This career path opened up a whole new world of creativity and seeking knowledge. I delved into the intricacies of consumer behavior, trend forecasting. I made Posters with new trends and color pallettes I loved.   I even tried my hand at Store Management for a few years . The combination of analytical skills and creative flair required in the industry resonated with me. This pushed me to excel in my studies and internships. However, after graduating, I embarked on a career path in the opposite direction. The journey became more about who I wanted to be as a wife and Mom. Those dreams led me in a direction of a more structured schedule that worked best with my family to pursue my new life goals. 

As the fashion industry continues to evolve with tech advancements and DAILY changing consumer preferences, my journey as a fashion marketing major has somewhat started over! Here I am back in the boutique world after 22 years away!  The fashion world is an ongoing learning experience. Staying updated on the latest trends, understanding the new digital landscape, and adapting to the dynamic market are crucial for success in this competitive field.

 Fashion Forward or Fast Forward...

My passion for fashion remains unwavering, driving me to explore new avenues, collaborate with creative minds, and make a meaningful impact in the ever-evolving world of fashion. I am very passionate about community over competition in my business! It is important for me to continue to work with other business owners to share our knowledge and support one another with our strengths and ask for guidance with our weaknesses. It is so important that we work together and empower one another with our support and encouragement. We are TRULY all better together. From childhood playtime to a professional career, my love for fashion has shaped my journey and continues to make me smile every day. Thank you for being part of that journey. Your Loyalty makes you ROYALTY in my eyes! 


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